Weekly Wednesday

October 10, 2007 at 6:46 pm (7 cities crafters, knitting) (, , )

I’m not sure why this turned into a weekly blog.  I blame my new gig as a Lime and Violet Chummer.  My interwebs time is limited to chum searches and catching up on blogland.

My knitting life is swinging into full gear, though.  I cast on for the Secret of the Stole Saturday night.  Today, I’m 10 rows from the end of the clue.  I might finish it up tonight, but considering I could do a face plant on the keyboard right now, maybe not.  Sunday, I cast on for the Tilted Duster.  I may have finished the back.  I say may because measuring the armhole depth is new to me.  Husband and I are creating a T square to check it out.  Did I mention I grew up watching This Old House every Saturday?

And last but not least, my knitting is gonna be on TV!  A local news station contacted the Norfolk Craft Mafia about participating in a segment concerning holiday gift giving on a budget.  Amber called me in search of some knits for the shoot.  Check out the whole photo shoot on Amber’s blog.  I sent in some mittens (toddler size) and my Rose’s Wristwarmers.  Aren’t they pretty on the table (very last shot)?


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