School’s Out For Summer

June 17, 2008 at 11:38 am (knitting) ()

So what’s a mama to do when school is out and camp hasn’t started yet?  When you figure it out, let me know.  So far, we’ve got babysitting at the gym so mom can swim.  Then lots of errands.  We’ll probably hit the pool later in the week with some school buddies.

Last week, Husband was off work.  What a blissful week.  We even found time to do some furniture shopping.  Sadly, the new dresser arrives Friday while the old dresser was hauled away last Sunday.  Let’s just say the guest room looks like a clothing rack exploded.

I met up with Sassenach, Laura,  and Linda for  Worldwide Knit in Public Day.  I have to say it was the fastest two and a half hours ever.  Lots of socks were knit on.  I worked on the neverending Pi Shawl.  I suppose it is neverending because I keep working on other things.  Like sewing or Lego Star Wars.  Or interviewing Jordana Paige for the Lime and Violet Daily Chum.  Squee!  She was so sweet. 

To add to WWKIP excitement, some dude in a BMW convertible hit my minivan.  In the parking lot.  And my van was parked.  He was trying to miss the curb.  Yeah.  Luckily, my van had a tiny scratch on the wheel well and the rim is scraped.  His poor BMW fender looks like crap.  Let’s hear it for mommy mobiles!


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