The Joys of Playing

October 10, 2008 at 5:44 pm (family)

I consider myself an intelligent person.  But sometimes, you just need to let go of things you think you know.  I took the kidlets to the park yesterday.  The park had a nice play area and swings.  I knew I’d have fun just watching the girls play.  But I was wrong.

Rosebud (my blog nickname for my older daughter) hasn’t figured out swings yet, you know, the leg motion for swings that lets you go higher and higher.  I tried explaining it, but she just didn’t understand.  So I sat down on the swing next to her to show her.  After figuring out the entire swingset wasn’t going to collapse, I started swinging.  And then I remembered how much I always loved to swing.

At my elementary school, we had an enormous swingset (at least for a 5-8 year old).  Our greatest joy was swinging really high and leaping from the swing.  I can’t imagine why none of us broke anything, especially since these were the days long before “safe” playground design with soft surfaces underneath.  Few things match the feel of swinging back and forth, higher and higher.

Once we finished on the swings, I decided to play tag with Rosebud and Tulip (my blog nickname for my younger daughter).  Sure I wasn’t dressed for it and hadn’t planned on it.  But who cares?  We had a fantastic time, laughing and running around.  This morning, one of the first things they talked about was playing tag with mommy.  So you know what we did today after preschool?  We played tag again.  And I think we’ll have to do it tomorrow, too.


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