Flu Shot Blues

November 4, 2008 at 8:10 pm (cooking)

I’m popping by for a quick note.  I got my flu shot this morning, and I am exhausted.  Despite the exhaustion, I did get out and vote.  The lines were around 3 hours this morning, but by the time I got there around lunchtime, they were about half an hour long.  It was encouraging to see so many people exercising their right to vote.  I wish the turnout was always this wonderful.

Tulip and I made chili today in the crockpot.  The Year of Crockpotting is my new inspiration blog.  This dedicated blogger is cooking something in a crockpot every day this year.  I’ve been using it a lot, and I’ve never been disappointed in a recipe.

We also picked up the new novel by Laurell K. Hamilton Swallowing Darkness.  I’m two chapters in, and I’m kicking myself for not rereading the series.  I completely forgot some huge things that happened in the last book.  So I’m reading and hanging on for the ride.

I spent the afternoon resting and playing Super Metroid.  And as the kids say, now it’s now.  I’m off to check out the election returns (if I can stand the suspense).


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Hay and Sunshine

November 3, 2008 at 7:59 pm (crochet, family, farmgirl, knitting) (, , )

On the knitting front, I’ve worked some on the second Tasha sock.  I’m getting close to the end of the leg.  The prospect of a heel flap and turn is always exciting.  I’ve also worked on the Mormor shawl.  And I’ve got a pic to prove it:
Mormor Shawl
Pretty, no? It is the Mormor Pattern in Lime and Violet Oops! Dark. I believe the yarn is the bamboo blend.  Little Turtle Mittens for Tulip are also on the needles.  I whipped up one mitt except thumb last Sunday.  I haven’t picked it up since because I was distracted by crochet.

The Granny Mitts from Chez Plum are too easy to make.  I’ve almost got a full pair (sans buttons) in just a couple of hours.  I used Karaoke and a tiny hook to get the right size.  I’d endorse these for quick holiday gifts.  I was going to take a pic, but then I realized I seamed the cuff of the second mitt.  D’oh!

The family and I headed to the Hunt Club Farm Harvest Fair yesterday.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  And there weren’t very many people.  The girls both rode ponies (actually, Tulip rode a miniature horse) and jumped in the bouncy houses.  They wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but I said no.  Since only Rosebud is the correct height, I didn’t want to leave Tulip out.  Plus, I hate ferris wheels.  We even took a hayride around the farm.  Rosebud especially loved the pile of hay.
Rosebud plays in the hay

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