There’s a Hole in My Slipper, Dear Liza

March 15, 2009 at 8:12 am (knitting)

It’s been quite a long time since the last blog. Life happened, fun was had, birthdays were celebrated. I’ll try to keep up with the blog more since the busy season (aka kiddo birthday crazies) is past.

I do have some actual crafty content today. My favorite felted mocs had a hole. These mocs are from Little Turtle Knits’ Felted Moc pattern. I don’t think it is available online anymore. I bought these from another knitter when I was pregnant with my second daughter. The one who is three now. The knitter handdyed the yarn (Peace Fleece) in my favorite colors and knit away. She did a fantastic job. I love how comfy and warm these are.
Felted Moc before repair

(Ignore the dog hair, please. Who needs Swiffers when you have woolly mocs?)

I didn’t want to wet-felt the slippers because they are the perfect size. So I grabbed my felting needle and some cream roving and went to work.
Roving in place

I placed the roving over the hole. I wanted the repair to cover more than just the hole, so I made sure the fibers covered any weak area of the sole. I also put several layers of fibers over the sole. Each layer was perpendicular to the one beneath it. Once the roving was ready, I began stabbing with my felting needle. What a great stress reliever! I moved the slipper every so often to make sure it wasn’t felting it to the styrofoam block underneath. I repeated the process on the second slipper.
The finished felted goodness
Fifteen minutes of work and my slippers are as good as new. Much quicker than knitting another pair.


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