Ringing in the New Year

January 9, 2008 at 8:42 pm (knitting) (, , , , )

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what to say on the blog.  I kept meaning to make big plans for 2008, both as a person and an artist.  Most of the time, I promptly fall asleep.  Things have been on the stressful side at Casa TNT.  Just some relative issues I’m working through.  Hopefully, I can resolve not to let them bother me as much.  I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and partner who listens.  He always helps me feel better.  He also assures me that a) I’m not crazy for thinking things with the relatives should be different and b) I’m not a bad person for letting it annoy me.  I think I will keep him for ever and ever.

I would like to make more art this year.  I’ve had such fun with the CMP ATC exchange.  I just want to make painting and drawing an everyday part of my life, not just a once a month thing.  I’m sure the girls would love that, too.  Any chance to put pen/paint/crayon to paper, and they are ecstatic.  I need to recapture that for myself.

On to less weighty matters:  knitting and spinning.  The knits are coming in fast and furious here.  I finished a Calorimetry on the last day of 2007
Pattern: Calorimetry from Knitty
Yarn: 3 ply merino Custom Colorway from Beemer Knits
Needles: sz 6

I knit it in about 2-3 hours on December 30. After a quick trip to the fabric store, I finished the project on December 31. I modified the pattern by casting on 96 stitches. I worked the short rows until 30 sts remained outside of each side marker. The cast of is my new fave Leaf Lace cast off. The chain edge is so perfect. I love this ear warmer!

I cast on Summer of Luuuuve socks from the August RSC kit.
Summer of Love
The yarn is Flower Power in STR lightweight. I again had gauge issues, so I worked the small size for my size 8 feet. For some reason, this yarn really didn’t grab me in the skein, but the sock is so adorable and fun to knit that I’m loving every second.
Summer of Love
I promised my rabbi a kippah. I’ve decided to make it up as I go. How hard could it be? (I’m waiting to be smacked down by the knitting PTB) I’m using my Bella Coola leftovers (Snoqualmie post) and working a whirlpool toe until I get a big enough circle. I think I’ll cast off in garter but an applied icord might work, too. No pics yet because it is just tiny.

There’s also been some spinning.
Mystery handspun
This yarn is some fiber from the Nutmeg, my spinning buddy. I think I have to figure out plying now. The spindle is full. I’m very pleased with the overall evenness and thinness of the yarn. Plus I find this much more relaxing than the bottom whorl. This is all in preparation for the big wheel roadtrip of 2008.


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